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In just one hour, I’ll share with you the insider knowledge of living successfully – and safely – in Thailand. And save you money too.

If you’re reading this, it’s likely you already know what an awesome, enchanting country Thailand is, or at least that’s what you’ve heard from your friends. Delicious food… abundance of single, pretty ladies (and men and “ladyboys”!)… smiling, friendly and tolerant people… incredible architecture and landscapes… unspoiled nature and warm weather, Thailand is as perfect as it gets.

It can be like that, but you have to be either very knowledgeable about Thai culture or very lucky. Things can go badly wrong and it can come as a shock. Many people feel betrayed and then become very bitter about their experience.

On the surface, Thailand is a wonderful place. We don’t have the senseless and ongoing violence and vandalism that is common in the west.

But it’s surprisingly easy to slip up, primarily because our perspective on life is radically different from how Thais (and the Thai authorities) see the world. We value truth and honesty and direct talking (well, maybe we can argue about that). We also tend have strong moral principles about fairness and justice. And we expect things to work and we expect minimum standards of service and safety. And we tend to be fairly relaxed about an individual person’s appearance or behavior because we value personal expression, individuality and freedom of speech.

Thailand is not like that at all. At least, it doesn’t seem to be. Thais are ultra-conservative (even the prostitutes) and believe very strongly in proper, appropriate and polite behavior. And that can get you into a lot of trouble, even serious injury or death.

That’s why I’ve established Thailand Mentor.

Thailand is not the safe, saccharine environment that we are led to believe (thanks to slick marketing by the tourist authorities and suppression of detrimental news stories). It’s not a safe Disney World. There’s a shockingly high risk of being killed or injured in a traffic accident, for instance; or (surprisingly) of getting into serious trouble with the authorities and imprisoned for long sentences in hot, unhygienic and overcrowded prisons.

These incidences aren’t so prevalent that it becomes common knowledge; but they occur often enough that one needs to be wary, nonetheless.

I can coach and advise you on the best way to navigate Thai culture and avoid the hidden landmines in Thailand. I believe visitors and expats need to be aware of the darker, dangerous side of Thailand so that they can learn to avoid or minimize it.

My name is Gary Orman. I’ve lived in Amazing Thailand for twelve years now. I’m an expert on staying and living in Thailand, and have helped dozens of people to live successfully in the Land of Smiles. In fact, by following my own advice, I was able to retire here when I was only 45 years old. Click here to learn more about me and my travels.

Like me, as first-time travelers to Thailand – and even some seasoned travelers – we make silly, expensive mistakes and needlessly put our lives at risk. Thailand can be the most wonderful experience and many people who visit here choose either to make it their second “winter” home or decide to settle here permanently. Don’t let avoidable slip-ups mar your experienceof this wonderful country and it’s beautiful people.

Kathleen Kelly in You’ve Got Mail  was spot on  when she said:

People do really stupid things in foreign countries.

She’s right! I did too. You see, all our common sense seems to fly out the window when we’re “on vacation overseas” – or in a holiday frame of mind. In my first year here, everything seemed so cheap that I spent money like water. It only dawned on me a year or so later that I had spent about twice as much as necessary because I didn’t understand the local ways and how local people lived.

Call me and I’ll share with you my many insights, tricks and secrets on how to stay in Thailand successfully. These secrets cost me a fortune and several difficult years of living in Thailand to figure out. If you talk with me beforehand, you’ll be able to pick my brains and uncover the mysteries of Thailand that not many people know about, not even those who’ve lived here far longer than me (because I can speak and read Thai and they can’t)..

You can truly be a Thailand insider, because I’ll show you:

  • How to save hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars/pounds/euros on your apartment or condo rental.
  • How to save hundreds of dollars/pounds/euros on renting or buying a motorbike.
  • Where to find your Thai “Soul Mate” while in Thailand.
  • How to sustain your relationship with your Thai girlfriend while you’re back home. It’s nearly impossible unless you know these four tricks.
  • What you need to know about sex, drugs, gays and ladyboys in Thailand.
  • Especially for women, how to compete with the stunningly beautiful and demure Thai girls for men’s affections.
  • Which hospitals you should use for medical treatment and which ones to avoid.
  • Where to find new friends and acquaintances from your home country.
  • What to do, and more importantly, never do while staying in Thailand.
  • How to avoid confrontation with the authorities and potentially huge fines or incarceration.
  • How to own a house 100% in your own name.
  • How to easily learn Thai if you want.

We can start the process with a “Skype Consult”. It’s a 30-minute conversation (on Skype, Whatsapp or phone) to ascertain your particular questions and concerns, followed up with a summary report that sets out the appropriate advice and instructions for your next steps.

It’s guaranteed. I am confident that I will save you at least the cost of our call, but probably several times over. If you don’t feel the advice was worth it then I’ll provide an immediate, no-quibbles refund.

Found out more or book a consultation Find out more or book a consultation.
Skype Call + Summary Report: ฿5,000 (about $155 / £115 / €130 / AU$205 / CA$200)

Sure, you can search the internet and ask questions on Facebook groups and forums. So why pay me?

  1. I’ve lived in Thailand for twelve years… Bangkok for seven years and Chiang Mai for five years. I know this country, it’s laws and politics better than most foreigners (and even some Thais) because I’ve studied Thai culture and politics extensively, not to mention trying to understand how Thai people think.
  2. I speak Thai fluently which allows me to understand the Thai people and culture much more than retirement experts who don’t speak the language.
  3. My Thai wife and I are well connected to attorneys, real estate agents, suppliers & professionals and successful entrepreneurs.
  4. The advice and assistance I give you will save you time and the hassle of making dead-end decisions. Above all, I could literally save your life or a serious injury, not to mention help you to avoid trouble with the police and save you a fortune in exorbitant rents, unrefunded deposits, unnecessarily expensive medical treatment and scams. But even if you don’t care about the money (or your life!) then let me at least show you how to get the most out of your stay in Thailand.

I’ve seen it many, many times — people trying to save a little money by going it alone (we’re all intelligent, seasoned travelers, after all!) and end up spending much more than they had planned. Even the people who’ve researched the websites and forums extensively and have studied all the books and guides on Thailand still make costly mistakes.

Click here to read what happened to some people that I know.

I’m looking forward to chatting with you soon.


Gary Orman,
“Expat Expert

Your money will be promptly refunded if you’re not 100% satisfied with the insider’s knowledge you will receive.

Found out more or book a consultation Find out more or book a consultation.
Skype Call + Summary Report: ฿5,000 (about $155 / £115 / €130 / AU$205 / CA$200)

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