The most effective way to learn to speak and understand Thai is to learn to read first, even if you don’t yet understand what it is that you are reading!

It seems counter-intuitive and most people want to just start immediately with a few conversational phrases and some basic vocabulary so that they can begin speaking straight away.

This leads to a dead end and ingrains bad habits that are very difficult to overcome later on.

Learning to read is traditionally difficult and arduous, but this is primarily because of the obscure way it is conventionally taught.

The Rapid Method is a minimalist, simplified approach that uses bizarre images and mnemonics to help you remember the concepts almost immediately. It doesn’t take long to learn to read (and pronounce individuals words accurately with the correct tones) – about 20 hours of effort altogether.

And it’s fun and enjoyable. The program has devised to be funny and entertaining in its own right, you almost learn Thai as a kind of side-effect.

For more information and to learn the top 30 letters and get to recognize and sound out hundreds of very simple Thai words, please sign up for the free Rapid Read Thai trial.