To pre-register for urgent or emergency calls please top up your account with the number of minutes you’d like to have available for calls or dealing with your problems and questions.

After payment has been received, you will receive the VIP number to dial.

It’s a mobile number, so you should be able to reach me at any time (subject to availability).

I’ll try to keep the call as short and cost-effective as possible.

Note. If at any time you wish to be refunded for unused credits (or simply refunded for calls that you weren’t satisfied with) then please contact me and let me know. If you request a refund within 45 days of the date of payment then the full amount requested will be refunded. After that, 10% of the amount will be deducted to cover transaction fees.

Then just simply call me anytime you have a problem or question. The time it takes to deal with the issue will be calculated and deducted from your credits and you will receive an email to confirm the details.

Note. If the call exceeds your available credits then you will be billed separately for any additional minutes (at ฿60/min). We will agree any additional charges beforehand.

Buy Emergency Prepay Credits so that you can call immediately from any phone.

  Please select the number of 15-minute call credits you want. The cost is ฿60/min credited in 15-minute chunks (฿900).

Please contact me for alternative ways to pay (Bank Deposit or TransferWise Borderless Bank Transfer).


I can usually answer your call during the day from 8am till about midnight, but I may be out & about or otherwise unable to take your call – in which case please leave a message and I’ll call you back as soon as I can; and only charge you if the issue still needs to be dealt with.

Disclaimer. No guarantees can be provided as to the effectiveness or quality of this service and by calling you agree not to hold me liable for anything untoward that may occur as a result of the advice or assistance I provide. If you are, however, dissatisfied with the service then please contact me to request a refund.

If the matter is not so urgent then please either book a consultation or contact me to arrange an alternative way to pay.